The Teke Teke is one of the Spirits from Yomawari: Night Alone.

Appearance Edit

The Teke Teke Spirit takes the form of an angry head with long black hair and two large arms. Its skin is pale white and one of its eyes is white while the other is hidden by its hair.

Behavior Edit

This Spirit appears out of nowhere when the Protagonist enters its territory. When the girl enters it, this Spirit will come running from out of the screen and in the direction of the Protagonist. It runs so quickly that there is very little time to dodge it and trying to out run it is impossible. As it only travels in straight lines, side stepping out of its path is the best strategy to avoid an untimely death. Because it only runs in one direction, once dodged it cannot change directions to continue chasing.

When it comes running and kills the Protagonist, it creates the sound of a car trying to stop only to crash.

Trivia Edit

  • Teke Teke is a Japanese urban legend about a ghost of a girl that fell on the train tracks and was cut in half by a train. She walks on her hands and if she sees anyone she will "run" towards them really fast and cut them in half at the waist, just like she was.
  • It is possible to be ambushed by two Teke Teke(s) at the same time, either from the same direction or two different directions.

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