"A shadow in the shape of a man that stands below a streetlight. It seems human, but it's something else..."
Streetlight Shadows are Spirits in Yomawari: Night Alone.

Appearance Edit

Shadow Scare

Streetlight Shadow's face up close

These shadows are black figures shaped like a person, though they don't have any arms. They have white eyes, with one bigger than the other, and a white mouth. From afar, you can only see a black pupil in the larger eye of the Streetlight Shadows. However, when the first shadow jumps on the player, it has red pupils in both eyes.

Behavior Edit

A number of Streetlight Shadows lurk near streetlights in the town's streets. However, they can be found in many places. They will move towards the player if they spot her. They are not sensitive to footsteps but if a pebble is thrown they will look at it for a few seconds.

Whispers can be heard as the player gets closer to the spirit.