"A strange stone in the shape of a human face that hides in the forest or mountains. It seems strangely attracted to light..."
Stone Faces are Spirits in Yomawari: Night Alone.

Appearance Edit

When in its default form, it appears as just an ordinary large lump of rocks that of a size of a small child (like the Protagonist).

However, when it is exposed to light, a puff of smoke covers the rock. Then, a mouth with jagged stone teeth and a pair of glowing yellow eyes appears on it, creating a face.

Behavior Edit

The Stone Faces appear as ordinary lumps of stone in the dark. They don't move nor react in a person's presence, even if someone touches them.

However, when they are exposed to light, a face appears on them and then, if exposed to the light for too long, will give chase to the source of the light.

If it is the player's flashlight, even if the player turns of the flashlight or moves it away from the Stone Faces, they will chase after the player and kill her once they are exposed to the light for too long.

If it is a Match's light, they will run right next to the Match. They will remain active until the Match's light goes out, in which the Stone Faces turn back to regular lumps of stone.

However, if the Stone Faces are exposed by the player's flashlight while chasing after the Match's light, they will chase after and kill the player if they're exposed to the flashlight's light for too long.