"The heroine's sister that took off into the night to look for their dog. She never came back home, and her whereabouts are unknown."
The protagonist's older sister in the first game, Yomawari: Night Alone.

Appearance Edit

She has dark brown hair and like the other characters her eyes are 2 simple black strokes. She wears a school uniform just like her sister.

Plot Edit

Prehistory Edit

Sis lives with her sister, the Protagonist, and her dog, Poro. It is never mentioned about what happened to her parents or where were they are.

Speculated Prehistory Edit

Based on the Crayon Notes and the Worn-Out Crayons, it is possible that Sis went out at night to look for her missing mother.

Chapter 1: Twilight Edit

Sis was waiting for her sister and Poro to return home from their walk. When the Protagonist finally got home, the sky had started to fall into night time. She finds her sister then questions why her sister only has an empty leash and the whereabouts of Poro. But the Protagonist fell silent. Upon believing that Poro had run away, Sis went out to look for the dog. However, after they separated, the sister had a run-in with Spirits. She tries to escape from them and ended up in the Vacant Lot. Then, she finds that her sister had followed her here. Worried about her sister's safety, Sis had the girl hide in the bush and tells her not to open her eyes. During the moment, Sis gets kidnapped by Mr. Yomawari, but the Spirit didn't see the other sister hiding in the bush and left with Sis.

In-between the Events Edit

It is unknown what happened between Chapter 1 and Chapter 7. However, it seems Mr. Yomawari (with Sis) passed by the School because the sister's shoe was found there. She was then taken to the Factory, as her Old Charm was there too. However, the Hand Spirits took her from the Factory and she was eventually taken by them to the Mountain Spirit's temple and left unconscious there.

Chapter 7: Dawn Edit

Sis finds that her sister had come to save her from the Mountain Spirit. The Protagonist was able to defeat it and save her. However, in the process, the Spirit took away the girl's left eye. This causes her to lose consciousness, so Sis takes her sister home (or the hospital).

The next day, the Protagonist tells her sister about what really happened to Poro as well as everything that happened to her during the night. The girl now wears an Eyepatch over her missing left eye. The two sisters visited Poro's grave, in the Woods, and left the dog some flowers. The two then returned home. From then, Sis remains home at night as her sister decides to sometimes explore the Town at night to collect Items.

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