Objective This spirit doesn't have an official name. The name on this article is simply a descriptive name of this spirit.

Running Mannequin is one of the unique Spirits in Yomawari: Night Alone.

Appearance Edit

This Spirit takes the appearance as a science mannequin: half of it being a human body and the other half being the inside of the human body, which consist of organs and muscles.

Behavior Edit

The Running Mannequin will only appear when the Protagonist walks or runs in the road that is in front of the School's front gate. When it does appear, it runs towards her from behind her at high speed right out of the blue. It makes the sound of a car crash when it kills the protagonist.

The Running Mannequin does not trigger the Heartbeat.

Trivia Edit

  • The Running Mannequin is based on an urban legend common in Japanese schools, in which a biology mannequin runs around the school when it is night time.

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