The Radio is a collectible Item unlocked upon collecting all the Parts in Yomawari: Night Alone.

Location (of Parts) Edit

First, you need to collect all the parts. You can only get the last part after completing the game.

  • Part 1: Inside the Northwest Vacant Lot.
  • Part 2: Near the end of the upper Cliff area.
  • Part 3: Deepest part of the Pond, where you can see the view.
  • Part 4: In the end of an alley that is southeast of Downtown.
  • Part 5: Behind the shrine located in the middle of the long stair in the Tunnel area (must be after you complete the game).

Once you have all the parts, you must talk to Sis and have her fix the Parts into a Radio. Once you see the radio inside the Home, you can talk to Sis to unlock the radio in the collectible list.

Uses Edit

The Radio is used to listen to the game's soundtrack. You just need to interact with it inside Home to listen to the music. You can only listen to the music while your inside Home. Once you leave, the music will stop.