"A Miss Mary doll that was thrown away by someone. It wanders around, looking for its owner."
Miss Mary is one of the unique Spirits from Yomawari: Night Alone.

Appearance Edit

Miss Mary takes the appearance of a ragged and aged doll with long, faded yellow hair. Her skin is pale white and has red lips. Her sunhat and sundress are faded white and torn from age. She is bare footed and her eyes are covered by her sunhat.

Behavior Edit

She appears randomly appears in an alley starting at Chapter 2. This alley is located near the road between the Northeast Vacant Lot and the Field area. The Protagonist can have a chance to trigger this Spirit's event every time the Protagonist returns home. At Chapter 2, there will be a cellphone on the ground ringing. Most of the time, when the Protagonist answers the cellphone, it will be just static. But when the random event is active, Miss Mary answers the cellphone.

If Miss Mary answers it, she will say "I'm Miss Mary. I'm right behind you." After it finishes,if you look behind, the doll will appear and attack you with a knife. If you have the Doll given by Hanako, you can face Miss Mary and then throw it at her. If it hits her, she will stand on it for a while. After about 20 seconds or so, she will disappear and leave behind a collectible Item called Mary Doll.

Trivia Edit

  • Mary is based on the Mary's phone urban legend. The legend is about a girl that moves and throws away her doll named Mary. On that night she gets a call from the doll "It's me, Mary. I'm in the dumpster". The girl hangs up but gets another call  "It's me, Mary. I'm at the station". And finally "It's me, Mary. I'm in front of your house". When the girl opens the front door she gets another phone call  "It's me, Mary. I'm right behind you".

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