Items are obtainable objects found throughout the map. They vary from objects that can interact with Spirits or environment. to objects that tell stories about the Spirits or the Town.

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Items are divided into three categories in Yomawari: Night Alone - Key, Usable, and Collectible Items.

Key Items are objects that are necessary in advancing the story, from accessing closed-off areas to stopping certain hostile Spirits. The Shovel, however, is the only odd-one out of the Key Items because it isn't required to advance the story. It is only used to obtain certain Collectibles.

Usable Items are objects used to interact with Spirits by distracting them in order for the Protagonist to get pass them. Certain Items only work on certain Spirits, and these Items are replenish-able once unlocked. The odd-one out is the Coins, which not only distract the Spirits like a Pebble would, but also used to quick save at Jizo Statues.

Finally Collectible Items are objects used to help tell the story or information about the Spirits that haunt the Protagonist's Town. Some are automatically obtained, while others require some work to obtain them. They're are Items simply scattered throughout the map, while the others require to be obtained through activating a random event and then accomplishing it.

In Yomawari: Midnight Shadows, additional categories are added or used to replace old categories like Lost Items and Charms.

Lost Items are important elements in advancing exploration and even useful in unexpected locations. They can can be thrown, placed, or worn by the girls Yui and Haru.

Charms are objects that that Yui and Haru can wear to gain a variety of benefits, such as allowing them to hold a lot of pebbles, making their stamina harder to reduce, or enabling them to run faster.

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