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The Infant Spirits are one of the Spirits in Yomawari: Night Alone and in Yomawari: Midnight Shadows.

Appearance Edit

In its default form, the Infant Spirit takes the form of a silhouette of a baby. This silhouette only has the two hands of the baby, with the feet being replaced by a tail. The head consists of three white dots that make up the eyes and the mouth of the Spirit.

When this Spirit possesses a player, it will appear as a floating black ball that is emitting some black mist. The eyes and mouth remain the same.

Behavior Edit

The Infant Spirit crawls around once in a while in a small section of the School's track and field. If it sees the Protagonist, it will slowly move towards her, and if it catches her, the Spirit will temporarily possess her body. It will do no direct harm, but the close presence of the Spirit will keep the player's Heartbeat at maximum speed due to its close proximity. The hastened Heartbeat will last until the Spirit leaves the girl's body.

Mythology and Theories Edit

The Infant Spirit may be the Spirit of a baby or an unborn child that have died due to unfortunate circumstances. Because the Spirit holds no hostility towards people, it may prove that its death had nothing to do with the abuse or intentional actions of people. So its death may be connected to a sickness, an accident, or malnutrition due to poverty. The fact that this Spirit possesses a human when it makes contact may show that the Spirit's desire for warmth and love. However, the fact that it makes no attempt to chase after the human may be connected to its lack of intelligence or shyness due to being unfamiliar with the people around it.

It is unsure why the Infant Spirits appear in the track and field of the school. One possibility is that the School used to be a hospital, which would explain why some the Spirits ended up dying there in an attempt to save them when they were alive.

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