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Hungry Ghosts are Spirits from Yomawari: Night Alone that haunt the streets of the Downtown's shopping district.


Hungry Ghosts take the form of a naked humanoid with a hole for a face and a large belly. Their skin takes a darkened pale color, and you can visibly see the outlining of their rib cage.

When they chase after the Protagonist, a large mouth opens on their fat belly.


These Spirits stand still, appearing like the Downtown mannequins, when they are staying in their respective territories in the Downtown area. However, when the Protagonist gets too close to them, they will chase after the Protagonist with their mouth in their belly wide open. These Spirits lack any eyes, though they are still able to see the Protagonist with a limited vision.

During your first encounter with one of them in the Downtown area in Chapter 5 (Yomawari: Night Alone), it moves slow. However, in later encounters, the rest of the Hungry Ghosts will move very fast. So, because of limited stamina, the Protagonist needs to move quickly to hide or teleport using the telephone booths.

You can also sneak behind them slowly, as their field of vision doesn't include behind their bodies. However, running behind them may alert them of your presence.

Mythology and Theories[]

This spirit is based on the Gaki, also called the Preta. Preta are supernatural beings that are constantly hungry and just like this spirit they have very narrow limbs but an engorged stomach, likely resembling malnutrition. The common translation for these beings is Hungry Ghost.

Hungry Ghosts are based on the rumors in Protagonist's Town about the shopping district's mannequins moving around at night. These rumors are found in the game's official website.

These Spirits are malicious, as they were sealed or driven away with the Salts that were placed all over the Downtown area. It seems that the Centipede Spirit is responsible for protecting the place from these Spirits.


  • Though the Hungry Ghost doesn't have an official English name, the Yomawari: Night Alone scans reveal that its official Japanese name means "Hungry Ghost".