"Hide in these bushes, close your eyes, and do *not* open them no matter what happens. Do *NOT* open them! Do you understand?"
Hiding is one of the vital game mechanics in Yomawari: Night Alone.

Hiding Mechanic Edit

Hiding is used by the Protagonist to hide in certain items in the environment in order to escape from hostile Spirits. When she hides, her surroundings become surrounded by darkness because because she closes her eyes while hiding. Furthermore, she can sense the Spirits around her in the form of reddish fog while her heartbeat acts like a radar for them, getting faster if the Spirits are closer to her.

Some spirits will eventually leave when the main character hides long enough, and return to their original location and routine. However, not all Spirits will leave, forcing the player to be the one to leave and run from the Spirits.

Hiding Places Edit

  • Bushes
  • Sign Boards
  • Shipment Containers
  • Stone Pillars

Gallery Edit