Objective This spirit doesn't have an official name. The name on this article is simply a descriptive name of this spirit.

The Headless Spirits are one of the Spirits from Yomawari: Night Alone.

Appearance Edit

They have similar appearances with the Blind Spirits. They have a black body with blood on their arms and feet. However, their heads are missing, replaced with black flames or gases escaping their necks.

Behavior Edit

They walk in fixed paths and patterns, doing the same routine. Because they lack a head to see, hear, and smell, they cannot detect the Protagonist. So they cannot sense her and chase after her. However, they still have they sense of touch. So when they come in contact with her, they will finally sense her and kill her on the spot. This problem becomes more severe with the fact that they cannot be seen in the dark.

Mythology and Theories Edit

The Headless Spirits are probably the restless or resentful spirits of people who have died upon having lost their heads due to an accident, murder, or execution. The black flames or smoke coming out of their necks represent the remnants of where they heads should be or represent the blood gushing out of their necks upon having their head severed or crushed. As for their bloody hands and feet, they may represent the injuries from their death or from the incident where they lost their head.