"A headless horse that runs through the streets. It runs in the same area every night."
The Headless Horse is one of the unique Spirits from Yomawari: Night Alone.

Appearance Edit

The Headless Horse takes the appearance of a dark brown horse with black tail and mane, black hooves, and a red & black saddle. It is missing its head, and in its place is red flames.

Behavior Edit

It goes on to run at the same path every time, not getting distracted or paying attention to its surrounding due to having no head to see or hear.

This Spirit is will not attack. It only ends up killing the player if they are in its way.

If the Protagonist witnesses the Headless Horse at the dead end of a certain highway near the northeast Vacant Lot (which is mark on the Map with a red cross), she can unlock and access a collectible Item called Human Bone. After witnessing the Headless Horse for the first time, the Protagonist must head to the road that starts from the northeast Vacant Lot and then follow it to the Tunnel. She will eventually see the Headless Horse again. Follow it, and she'll see the Spirit disappear into the trees and leave the Item called the Human Bone.

Mythology and Theories Edit

The headless horse is a yokai that roams the streets and it is said that God is riding it.

It may be the spirit of a horse that died upon having its head cut off or destroyed. As a result, its spirit has been searching for its head for its whole afterlife. Because it lacks a head, it cannot see and can accidentally run over the Protagonist if she is in its way. However, it is unknown why it has been going on the same path or know it is able to run in the same path despite not being able to see.

The Human Bones collectible Item that is unlocked upon witnessing the Headless Horse in a certain area may be the bones of the horse spirit's rider, and the spot the Item is found (being near a thicket of trees) may be where the horse or its rider have died.

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