The Headless Chicken is one of the unique Spirits in Yomawari: Night Alone.

Appearance Edit

The Headless Chicken takes the appearance of a regular female white chicken. However, its head is missing from its body. In its place is a cross-like bump, as if its head went inside its body.

Behavior Edit

Despite not having a head, the Headless Chicken can still sense people if they are nearby. It will run away from any human it encounters. It is ignored and unharmed by any of the Spirits hunting the Town at night, and it ignores the Spirits in return. However, if the Protagonist interacts with the Spirit, it will follow the girl for some time. But after a while, if its not interacted, it will run away again.

If the Headless Chicken and its living chicken friends are returned to the Chicken Coop, it will give the girl a Chicken Egg, which is a collectible Item.

Mythology and Theories Edit

The Headless Chicken may be the Spirit of a regular chicken that was killed by having its head cut off and then cooked to be eaten. However, this Spirit did not grew hatred towards humans. Instead, it grew to fear the humans. That's why this Spirit runs away from humans like the Protagonist. However, it can be tamed by people to follow them for a while. That is how the Protagonist was able to get the Spirit to follow her back to the Chicken Coop. Despite being a ghost, it shares a bond with its chicken brethren. That's why it gave the Protagonist a Chicken Egg for not just returning it back to the Chicken Coop, but also the other chickens.

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