Hanako is one of the unique Spirits in Yomawari: Night Alone.

Appearance Edit

Hanako takes the form of a small girl.Her face is just a big bloody hole with fangs inside of it. She has black bobbed-style hair and pale skin. Her clothing consists of a white shirt, a red skirt, red suspenders, and red shoes.

Behavior Edit

The Spirit plays around in the parking lot near the Downtown area. She searches for someone to play hide-and-seek and tag with her. As a result, she instantly plays these games with the Protagonist as so as they meet each other. Playing these games with her is tricky as she teleports around the parking lot, runs from you when you try to get close, and is invisible in the dark. However, she is neither hostile nor malicious. She is just the ghost of a child who wants to play like any other ordinary child.

If you find and tag her enough times, she will be satisfied with playing with you and give you a Doll as thanks. Once she gives you this Item, it is unlocked and accessible to recollect in the toy box inside the Home.

Mythology and Theories Edit

Hanako is a spirit based on the Japanese ghost story of a Japanese school girl named Hanako, who died during WWII. It is said that if someone calls out for her in the school's bathroom, Hanako will appear or return the call with a reply. Her appearance as a school girl with short hair is based after this story's Hanako but her face, a gaping and toothed maw, seems to be a tribute to the Kaibutsu (female monsters that looks like schoolchildren with a distorted maw where their faces should be) of the horror game dotFlow.

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