The Giant Spirits are one of the Spirits from Yomawari: Night Alone.

Appearance Edit

The Giant Spirit takes the form of a large upside-down head with two feet and six arms. Because its head is upside down, the face that consists of the mouth and the eyes are upside-down too. The eyes have brown iris. The skin is black with blood stains all over its body. The lower arms and feet are big and bulgy, while the middle and upper arms are slim.

Behavior Edit

These Spirits don't actively attack or chase the protagonist, however, if the protagonist gets in front of it, it will spew a large red mist, killing her.

Mythology and Theories Edit

The Giant Spirit may be an embodiment of a mass of Spirits from a large number of people who have died from the same incident or disaster around the same time. Its large size and multiple arms may represent the sheer number of deceased people that make up this Spirit. In addition, too of its arms is gripping or pulling the top of its body/head. Its may represent the panic of the deceased people during the event that killed them. Furthermore, the appearance of the Spirit being similar to that of a bloody, severed head that landed upside-down on the ground may represent the major scale of the event that killed the deceased people.

The Spirit only attacking the Protagonist when she irritates it or gets in front of it may be because the deceased people who make up the Spirit aren't evil or malicious, but they are confused and frustrated of their death. So, they have no reason to kill her initially because they aren't evil or malicious, but will kill her upon being mad because they have died in a confused or frustrated state.