The Dull Eyeball is a collectible Item in Yomawari: Night Alone. It is only accessible in an event with the Daruma, and it is necessary to unlock another collectible Item called the One-Eyed Daruma.

Location Edit

The Dull Eyeball is located in the Park. It will only be there after acquiring the Doodle Note.

After you pick it up, it will start an event with the Daruma. It requires you to complete the event successfully to keep it. If you die or leave the Park, this Item will be dropped in the Park and you'll have to pick it up again.

Once you pick up the Item, the Daruma Spirit will immediately appear at the entrance of the Park. It will be facing away from the Protagonist. You'll have to quickly interact with the Daruma behind its back. After that, you have to put the eyeball in the right side of the Spirit's eye socket. Once you do, the Spirit will let you keep this Item, which is inside another collectible Item it gives you called the One-Eyed Daruma.