Objective This spirit doesn't have an official name. The name on this article is simply a descriptive name of this spirit.

The Burning Spirit is one of the Spirits from Yomawari: Night Alone.

Appearance Edit

The Burning Spirit takes the form of a black silhouette of a child. This silhouette is constantly surrounded in flames, mixed in red, orange, and yellow colors. A large red mouth is constantly open so widely, it's probably impossible to distinguish its eyes. Its mouth is constantly open probably because it is screaming nonstop. Its teeth are red, probably because of the fire surrounding the Spirit.

Behavior Edit

This Spirit can be found near the back of the School's old incinerator and in an alley Downtown. It will simply stand there. If the Protagonist gets too close to it, it will run after her screaming with its hands in the air. Its speed is too fast for even the Protagonist to outrun, and it usually always able to catch up to her and kill her by crashing into her.

The one in the school guards the collectible Item Puzzle Piece 2, which is located right behind the incinerator. So, in order to get pass the Spirit and obtain this Puzzle Piece, you'll have to distract it or slow it down with Salt in order to accomplish this.

Mythology and Theories Edit

The Burning Spirit in the school is probably the Spirit of a human child that died as a result of being burnt to death inside the School's old incinerator.

It's motive is the Korean yokai called fireman.

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