• Hiro doomsday

    Guys, I'm planning on making a page for that "Mirror Spirit" boss from Yomawari: Midnight Shadows. But I'm unsure what is the best name for this Spirit.

    By the way, for those who don't know, this "Mirror Spirit" is a large mirror inside the Library of the hometown of Haru and Yui. This mirror can create replicas or doppelgangers from the target's reflection and use them to kill the target. In order to defeat this Spirit, the main character needs to remove all light sources in order to prevent the mirror from reflecting anything anymore.

    Here are some names I can think of for this Spirit:

    • Mirror Spirit
    • Replicating Mirror
    • Doppelganger Mirror
    • Cursed Mirror
    • Reflecting Spirit
    • Replicating Spirit

    Please comment on what name I should go with for this Spiri…

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  • TemplarVolk

    Off From Work

    December 2, 2017 by TemplarVolk

    I am finally off from work, and have some time to edit this wiki again. I will be mostly creating the missing articles but I'll also be reviewing the existing ones.

    I will specially be reviewing the theories sections. All theories that aren't backed up by strong evidence will be removed. If you wrote a theory in this wiki, and it has been deleted, you can go on that article's history to see it, and then feel free to add it in that article's comment section, or you can also create a topic in our discussion page. It is currently empty, at the time I'm writing this, but don't be afraid to be the first one to start a discussion.

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