"A spirit of someone that lost their sight in an accident. Sensitive to footsteps and sounds."
Blind Spirits are Spirits in Yomawari: Night Alone.

Appearance Edit

Blind Spirits have a black body with blood on their arms and feet. Their heads are bloodied and covered with bandages and there are several nails hammered in it.

Behavior Edit

The Blind Spirits are invisible in the dark. They walk in a predefined path indefinitely. They can't see anything so they attack anything they hear. If they hear a sound they will move towards it and attack when close enough. After losing "sight" of the player or after attacking an object they return to walk their path. Even though they can't see, if they hear the players footsteps, they will follow until the player is out of their following radius. Even if no more sound is made and if the player gets too close to one while it's "looking" for the player it will attack again.

They make a sound zombie-ish sound as they walk.